Air Force Pilot Makes History By Winning 2024 Miss America

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Miss Colorado 2023 winner, Madison Marsh, made history by being the first active-duty U.S. Air Force pilot to win the Miss America pageant.

Ellie Breaux of Texas placed as first-runner-up. Marsh is a 22-year-old second lieutenant in the US Air Force and master’s student at the Harvard Kennedy School’s public policy program.

Marsh, a recent U.S. Air Force Academy graduate, highlighted the military’s support for her participation.

She has an impressive list of achievements, including being a National Truman Scholar and a black belt in taekwondo. (Trending: Bombshell UFO Footage Released To The Public)

Marsh plans to showcase her talent by performing a monologue about her first solo flight at the age of 16.

“In addition to all of this stuff,” Pete Hegseth said, “you’re a National Truman Scholar, two-time National Astronaut scholar, eight-time Dean’s List at the Air Force – three-times Superintendent’s List, a National Rhodes finalist, certified private pilot, and a black belt in taekwondo, and you’re a graduate of the Kennedy School at Harvard.”

“So, how first dates go?” Will Cain cut-in jokingly.

“I started flying around 15, that’s whenever I kind of fell in love with the Air Force Academy and the idea of serving,” Marsh said. “And so I walk through what that flight looks like and some of the things that went wrong and how they relate to me today as a leader and an officer, and kind of how that goes into pageantry as well.”

“So, it’s a little bit of a different, non-conventional talent to say the least,” she added.

She emphasized the importance of breaking stereotypes for women and defining leadership on one’s own terms.

“What is a woman?” Rachel Campos-Duffy asked Marsh.

“You know, serving to me – being a woman in the military is all what you make of it. And for me that’s been being able to do both – that means representing my mom who I lost to pancreatic cancer and living through her life, because I get to live even though she doesn’t.”

“I really think that you as a woman have to define that for yourself,” she added.

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