Federal Judge Dismisses Effort to Remove Trump from New Mexico Ballot

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A federal judge dismissed a case seeking to remove former President Donald Trump from the ballot in New Mexico, ruling that the plaintiff lacked standing to bring the case.

The plaintiff, John Anthony Castro, who is reportedly running for president, cited the Insurrection Clause in his complaint.

However, the judge found that Castro’s efforts did not establish political competitor standing. (Trending: Trump Responds To Biden’s Bombing In Yemen)

The judge dismissed the case without prejudice, and Castro is reportedly appealing the decision.

Judge Matthew Garcia dismissed the case and denied “Castro’s procedural challenges to President Trump’s Original Motion to Dismiss.”

Judge Garcia ruled that Castro does not have “political competitor standing” to Trump.

“Even when viewed in totality, do not suffice to confer political competitor standing,” the judge continued.

“Castro has put forth no allegations that suggest, even prima facie, he is genuinely competing with President Trump for votes or contributions, or that President Trump’s inclusion on the ballot damages his chances of winning the nomination in New Mexico,” explained Judge Garcia.

Castro “has offered no concrete proof of campaign operations within the state or contributions from New Mexico voters, nor has he presented evidence proving the location of the supporters that have watched his online show or follow him on social media,” wrote Garcia.

The Trump campaign emphasized that similar cases in other states have been dismissed and accused Democrats of trying to “steal the election.”

Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung said Trump, “remains undefeated against bogus 14th Amendment claims in federal court.”

“Similar cases in over a dozen other states have now been dismissed, as fair-ruling courts have seen through the Democrat election interference schemes,” he continued.

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