‘All My Children’ Star Alec Musser Dies Unexpectedly at 50

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Update: Authorities have confirmed that Musser died by an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Actor and model Alec Musser has passed away at 50, leaving the entertainment world in mourning.

Known for his roles in “All My Children” and “Grown Ups,” his fiancée suspects that COVID-19, despite being vaccinated and boosted, may have contributed to his unexpected death.

Described as a healthy and kind-hearted person, Musser’s sudden passing has deeply impacted his loved ones and fans. (Trending: Hunter Biden’s Art Scheme Exposed By GOP Probe)

“He was a very healthy person,” Musser’s fiancée Paige Press said. “I mean he took exceptional care of his body and what went into it … He’d eat some cookies and that was the worst thing I ever saw him do.”

“Alec was a wonderful man. He was the best fiancé. The best dog dad. Very kind-hearted person,” she added.

“Seeing how many messages and people have reached out to me from his childhood…In the last couple of days, people I’ve never even met, sending me photos of him from high school and when he was in their wedding…He was so loved and touched by so many people,” she said.

His successful career and dedication to fitness have left a lasting impression on many.

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