Teenage Girls ‘Detained And Lashed’ By Taliban In Crackdown Over Strict Hijab Rules

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The Taliban has been detaining young Afghan women for violating strict hijab rules, with reports of girls as young as 16 being seized from various locations and lashed.

Since taking over Afghanistan, the Taliban has banned girls from higher education and restricted their access to the workforce.

Women’s presence in public spaces is tightly controlled, with bans on wearing makeup and attending English classes. (Trending: Bombshell UFO Footage Released To The Public)

International agencies, including the UN, have criticized the recent crackdown, documenting the Taliban’s increasing restrictions on women.

After being released, one girl expressed fear of future arrests and the impact on her education and freedom.

“I was waiting for my sister at the market; we had planned to go shopping for gifts for Mother’s Day when many Taliban members arrived there,” one girl recalled. “A female police officer among them grabbed my hand and pulled me into the street and pushed me into a police truck. I was so scared”.

“They took us to a nearby police station, collected our cell phones and then asked us to call our family members one by one,” she said. “They told us our clothes were inappropriate. They were cursing everyone, especially those who confronted them,” she added.

“They talked to our parents and told them to bring a photo, Tazkira (national ID card), and a legal representative,” she said. “They told me if I was caught in a bad hijab again, they will take me to the prison because my name is already registered with them as an offender.”

“I was told that there won’t be any chance of freedom then. I was dressed very appropriately that day, so were the other girls; none of us had makeup on.”

“I cannot even explain how terrible I felt at that time. I was extremely scared and hopeless, and I thought I would lose my family,” she said.

“I can no longer imagine a future, not for myself, not for my country,” she said. “I went outside, and there were very few women on the streets, and they had very tight hijabs on. I am not sure if I would be going out as much anymore,” she said.

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