A Cybertruck Driver Documented His 1340-Mile Road Trip And The Problems He ran Into

via Youtube
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YouTuber Dennis Wang documented a 1340-mile road trip in a Tesla Cybertruck, highlighting its spacious design and some challenges encountered, including charging difficulties and an infotainment system glitch.

Despite issues, Wang praised the vehicle’s comfort and interior quality.

He noted the car’s range inefficiencies, attributed partly to cooler temperatures and speed. (Trending: Hunter Biden’s Art Scheme Exposed By GOP Probe)

“It’s the most comfortable Tesla that I’ve owned, but in terms of efficiency, it was definitely lacking in range, and we had to stop a lot along the way,” Wang said.

Other concerns included limited charging station compatibility and an infotainment system malfunction.

“You had to back up as far as possible to the parking stop for the cable to reach, and sometimes the cable was barely long enough to plug into the car,” he said.

“It was annoying, but we could still function,” Wang said.

Despite the setbacks, Wang expressed excitement for future Tesla models.

“It’s a fantastic truck,” Wang said. “The interior and build quality are definitely one of Tesla’s best. It makes me really excited for what future Teslas will look like.”

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