Palin has very clear message for DeSantis ahead of 2024

OPINION | This article contains the author's opinion.

During an appearance on Newsmax with host Eric Bolling, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin gave some advice to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

“DeSantis doesn’t need to run,” Palin said. “I envision him as our president someday but not right now.”

“He should stay governor for a bit longer,” she continued. “He’s young, you know. He has decades ahead of him where he can be our president.”

Governor Palin is known to have close ties to former President Donald Trump. She says that Trump has the best chance at winning.

“When you talk about the specific people, the individual people who are looking at putting their hat in the ring… they got a lot of guts thinking they’re gonna go up against Trump,” she said.

“Trump needs to choose somebody who, like him, has nothing to lose. What more can they do to that person personally or verbal attacks or anything else on family?” she said.

“That person has been through the wringer, so they know what they’re getting into. And that person then can just focus on doing what’s right for the people.”