Famous Makeup YouTuber Goes Viral After Calling Out Pronoun ‘Bulls—’

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During a live interview, makeup brand CEO and social media personality Jeffree Star called out the pronoun culture.

Star criticized the use of “they” and “them.”

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“You’re not ‘they’ and ‘them,’ you’re trans, you’re male, or you’re female,” Starr added.

Star said that the pronoun culture came about because people were “bored” and wanted to make up new terms.

“And people get so mad when I say that. How are you a ‘they?’ What the f— does that mean?” he added.

He explained, “It’s stupid, is what it is. But you need someone like me that looks like me to say it. Because if you say it, it turns into you’re homophobic, you hate trans people, you hate gays, and it’s just how you feel.”

“You don’t hate anyone, and you just think it’s stupid.”

Star has an online following for his makeup tutorials and “Jeffree Star Cosmetics,” a makeup brand.

“That’s why the conservatives like me, ’cause I’m just real.”

“You’re only canceled if you let yourself be canceled,” Star said.

“I just like to always just speak my mind.”