After Mar-a-Lago Raid, Former FBI Agent Pleads Guilty to Destroying Evidence in Case Against Trump Supporter

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Former FBI agent Robert Cessario pleaded guilty to destroying evidence connected to the trial of a pro-Trump former Arkansas state senator.

Cessario admitted that he erased the contents of the computer while “knowing that the court has ordered that the computer be submitted for a forensic examination.”

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Many Americans say he’s responsible for attempting to frame a Trump supporter for political purposes.

Cessario was charged with “corrupt destruction of record in an official proceeding.” He accepted a plea bargain with prosecutors in order to avoid jail. He received three years of probation.

A federal court recently demanded the release and analysis of files in the trial of Arkansas state Sen. Jon Woods. However, Cessario had destroyed them.

Woods is serving an 18-year prison sentence after being convicted of wire fraud. He accepted kickbacks from Ecclesia College in return for sending state funds to the school.

“I erased the contents of the computer hard [drive] knowing that the court [had] ordered that the computer be submitted for a forensic examination,” Cessario said. “I did so with the intention of making the contents of the computer’s hard unavailable for forensic examination. At the time, I knew that the contents of the hard drive were relevant to an official proceeding.”

“I corruptly performed and had performed, the erasures with intent to impair the integrity and availability of the computer hard drive and its contents for use in that official proceeding.”

Numerous whistleblowers have recently come forward about the politicization and weaponization of the FBI behind closed doors.

During an interview with Fox News, former FBI special agent Nicole Parker described why she walked away from the career that she once loved.

On Sept. 11, 2001, Parker was working for Merrill Lynch on the top floor of the World Financial Center in New York City. After witnessing the horrors of the deadly terrorist attacks and escaping, she left her career at the multibillion-dollar hedge fund in 2009 and applied to become an FBI special agent.

Out of 45,000 people who applied, she made the cut of 900 and successfully became an agent. Her entire career was spent in the field where she would rescue victims and arrest dangerous criminals.

However, after 12 years of service, she said the FBI transformed dramatically. Parker explained, “On paper, the bureau’s mission remained the same, but its priorities and governing principles shifted dramatically. The FBI became politically weaponized, starting from the top in Washington and trickling down to the field offices.”

After the FBI had become “weaponized” for political purposes, she said “I no longer felt that I was the type of agent the FBI valued.” For example, Parker explains, FBI agents historically were not at liberty to publicly express any potential political support while on duty wearing official FBI gear. This makes sense.

However, on June 4, 2020, there was a massive shift in this policy as FBI agents posed in photos and videos kneeling before Black Lives Matter protesters in Washington, D.C. These agents were working on official duty and supposedly protecting our nation.

It was suddenly allowed for the FBI to publicly and openly support a radical and violent left-wing political agenda.

“There was no reprimand for any of the agents who knelt that day,” Parker noted. “In fact, many ended up getting highly sought-after promotions and were offered $100 gift cards by the FBI Agents Association.”

“I made the difficult decision and quietly walked away from the FBI with an exemplary and spotless record,” Parker said. “I love the FBI I joined. I have treasured memories of working alongside remarkable people.”

“I’m proud to have served with honor as a special agent. And while I sincerely pray for the FBI’s future success, the FBI’s troubles of late are bigger than anything I could change.”

Here’s more of her insight via Fox News:

Americans see this, and it is destroying the bureau’s credibility, causing Americans to lose faith in the agency and therefore the hardworking and highly ethical agents who still do the heavy lifting and pursue noble cases.

The majority of agents uphold their oath to support and defend the Constitution with fairness and integrity.

There has also been a shift in recruiting practices – a lowering of the eligibility requirements – which is negatively impacting the agency’s performance.

All this adds up to a loss of trust in the FBI by many Americans and low morale among many FBI employees.