Country Star’s Son Robbed of All of His Equipment in Blue City Right Before Concert

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Lukas Nelson, son of Willie Nelson, had his musical equipment stolen before a show in Seattle.

He asked for help on social media to recover his gear, mentioning specific items like guitars.

Despite the theft, the show went on with rented equipment.

“We’ve got rental equipment now, and we will play the show tonight, but if you’re in the Seattle area and you hear about any guitars being pawned or sold — my 1956 Les Paul Junior, my ’64 335 and my custom Nacho tele are all in there,” Nelson said.

“We have a lot of other equipment that’s in there as well,” he added.

“Please, if you have any information, email [email protected],” he added. “I appreciate your help.”

Thankfully, the truck was found with most gear intact.

“They found the truck. … Thank y’all so much,” Nelson said.

Nelson and his band are touring out West, with upcoming shows in various states.

Seattle has seen a rise in vehicle and property crimes, with thieves using stolen vehicles to break into businesses.

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