Tucker Carlson Asks One Simple Question After Wuhan-COVID Revelations, And Biden Won’t Like It!

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Fox New host Tucker Carlson recently reacted to reports that the Biden administration acknowledges China’s role in the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Carlson has one simple question: Does the Biden administration still consider Russian President Vladimir Putin the biggest threat to U.S. national security?

The Energy Department has joined the FBI in saying the virus likely originated from China’s Wuhan laboratory. Four other U.S. agencies still argue the pandemic was likely the result of a natural transmission. Two agencies are undecided.

Based on “new intelligence,” the Dept. of Energy and FBI said they have “moderate confidence” that the virus originated from the lab, but they did not argue it was intentional.

Chinese virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan told Fox News, “Of course, it was not an accident. I can tell you based on the protocol and also the other surveillance system it will be impossible for the lab leak accidentally happen in such a lab and also cause the Wuhan outbreak and also the pandemic.”

During a recent segment, Carlson said, “So how would you define the Biden administration?”

“Well, really the hallmark has been an almost other worldly disconnection from the actual affairs of the United States. If it’s really happening in this country, the Biden administration will pretend it’s not.”

He congtinued, “In fact, White House officials seem to have no idea what’s going on in our country, no interest in learning about it.”

“The week a train derailment poisoned an entire town in Ohio, the Transportation Secretary, the man in charge of preventing train derailments held a press conference attacking White construction workers because they’re the problem. It’s 1952.”

“Our 80-year-old President, meanwhile — 80 years old — he seems convinced, it is 1915 and we’re all living in rural Alabama burning crosses in the front yards of terrified sharecroppers to amuse ourselves. We don’t have TV.”

“Biden gave a speech the other day in 2023 to denounce lynching, as if lynching is still happening in the United States. This all seems a little delusional.”

“So it was with genuine relief that we saw today, one of Biden’s top Cabinet officials, Janet Yellen, who runs the Treasury Department, sign off her Twitter account, finally leave Washington and meet with actual flesh and blood human beings who are suffering and not only did she meet with them to prove her sincerity, Janet Yellen brought with her a check for a billion dollars and will admit partisanship aside, we were happy to see that.”

“Finally, someone in the Biden administration who actually cares was getting on an airplane to show concern. That’s the good news.”

“The bad news is, Janet Yellen was not in East Palestine. She was in Ukraine.”