Democrat Billionaire, 80, Marries His 30-Year-Old Boyfriend

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Major Democrat donor David Geffen married his boyfriend Donovan Michaels, who is 50 years younger.

80-year-old Geffen amassed his billion-dollar fortune as a Hollywood mogul. The pair tied the knot in a secret ceremony in Beverly Hills, California.

Michaels’ social media suggests he’s an aspiring fitness model and a “media personality.”

Geffen is connected with the disgraced anti-Trump super PAC called “Lincoln Project,” which has been battling numerous scandals.

Geffen financially supported the anti-Trump group and its co-founder John Weaver, who is accused by 20 young men of sending inappropriate and unsolicited sexually charged messages.

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In 2021, Geffen signed a letter opposing voter integrity laws. And in 2020, the billionaire was mocked after he notified the world that he planned to avoid the coronavirus pandemic by hunkering down aboard his private yacht, Rising Sun, which was sailing somewhere off the coast of the Grenadines in the Caribbean at the time.

In 2015, Justin Griggs, a gay porn star and prostitute who claimed to have engaged in group sex with Geffen for money, said he feared discussing his relationship with the media mogul because he was afraid for his safety.

Griggs, who had been called as a government witness, told the FBI he was apprehensive about discussing Geffen because the billionaire was “very powerful and you feared for the safety if you disclose information.”