White House Slammed For Saying Who Should Decide Whether A Child Undergoes Trans Surgery

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The Biden administration sparked instant outrage for suggesting that gender transition surgeries for minors should be based on a child’s decision.

Twitter users reacted with fury, calling the White House’s statement “pure evil” and “madness.”

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In the state of Indiana, lawmakers banned puberty blockers and gender transition surgeries for minors, regardless if children want the procedures.

When asked about Biden’s position, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre responded by disagreeing with lawmakers in Indiana.

Fox News columnist David Marcus said, “The official position of the White House is that if a 5 year old boy decides he wants his penis removed, and the parent agrees, then it’s none of our business and should be perfectly legal.”

Washington Examiner writer Philip Wegmann asked, “Today Indiana just banned puberty blockers, hormone therapies, and gender transition surgeries for minors. I’m wondering what the president’s reaction is to the Indiana governor signing that bill into law. And does the president have a position on at what age these kinds of therapies and surgeries are appropriate?”

Jean-Pierre said, “That’s something for a child and their parents to decide, it’s not something we believe should be decided by legislators. So I’ll leave it there.”

“Social media users reacted in disgust by the suggestion that the White House supports gender transition surgeries for minors based on a child’s decision,” Fox News reported.

“But not any therapy that offers any option other than affirmation and transition,” conservative personality Chad Felix Greene remarked.