MSNBC Makes Mockery of Good Friday on Live TV

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Far-left MSNBC anchor Joy Reid is accused of making a mockery of the single greatest event in human history — namely, the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

On Good Friday, Reid “blasphemed about the crucifixion” in order to “score some cheap leftist points,” Bryan Chai writes.

Reid and her guests, Mark Thompson and Brittany Packnett Cunningham, appeared in a segment that attempted to compare the crucifixion of Jesus to the expulsion of disruptive Democrat legislators in Tennessee.

“Absolutely shameful comparison,” one person responded.

In Tennessee, Republicans voted to expel Democratic Reps. Justin Jones and Justin Pearson from the state legislature.

Jones and Pearson are accused of playing an obstructive role during a raucous protest calling for gun control.

Rep. Gloria Johnson faced a similar vote, but avoided expulsion.

Cunningham claimed Tennessee Republicans are being “deeply unholy” during Holy Week.

Thompson said, “For these Republicans in Tennessee to do this, and for them to be so evangelical and as Bible-thumping as they are, to not realize the irony in trying to expel three today on the eve of the day when — tomorrow — when three were crucified.”

“Simply for standing up for what is right and trying to end gun violence in this country,” Thompson added.

Reid said, “Don’t go to church on Sunday and put, you know, your money in the basket hoping that it will grow as a seed and multiply because, literally, all you are multiplying, Republican Party, is death and eventually you’re also going to multiply your own destruction because those young people are going to figure out one day they can vote you out they’re going to vote you out,” Reid said.

“Your own children are going to vote you out, watch it happen. Watch God work,” Reid concluded.