Judge Does A Massive Favor For Hunter Biden in Child Support Case

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Hunter Biden won a major victory in court as an Arkansas judge agreed to keep his financial disclosures sealed.

Hunter has been attempting to reduce child-support payments owed to his daughter, whom the family is distancing themselves from.

The son of President Biden is the father of a 4-year-old girl after having relations with a stripper in Washington, D.C., who went by the name of “Dallas.”

Hunter also fought to stop the young girl from legally receiving his last name.

As part of the case, Hunter has claimed that he doesn’t have the necessary funds to meet the child-support payments. He request that his financial disclosures are sealed from the American people.

An ongoing federal investigation is also underway into Hunter’s shady overseas business dealings, which allegedly profited himself and his father millions of dollars.

Circuit Judge Holly Meyer ruled, “The court has no concern for the political nature or aspects surrounding the case.”

“This case is about child support and the court has treated and will continue to treat these parties as any other members of this judicial district,” Meyer wrote in the ruling. “The court’s goal is not to be opaque, but to be efficient and not to burden the parties.

“The court has balanced the competing interests of the parties in the making this order.”

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A December 2019 court filing revealed Roberts was on Hunter Biden’s payroll during her pregnancy from May 2018 to November 2018.

Emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop revealed that company was Rosemont Seneca, the company tied to the alleged influence peddling with Russia, China, and Ukraine.

Hunter Biden denied he was the girl’s father until he submitted to a DNA test in Roberts’ 2019 paternity case.

In a December 2019 filing, Roberts called Hunter Biden “a complete stranger” to their daughter, according to the report.

Roberts has sought to have their daughter legally take the Biden last name, arguing “the Biden name is now synonymous with being well educated successful, financially acute and politically powerful.”