Drag Groomer Gets Less Than A Year In Prison For 11 Child Sex Crimes

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33-year-old Kelsey Meta Boren, a biological male who transitioned to female, was arrested and pleaded guilty to 11 felony child sex crimes.

While working as a teacher’s aide in Oregon, Boren was accused of child sex abuse.

Police conducted a search warrant of Boren’s home and carried out an arrest for 11 counts of encouraging child sexual abuse in the first degree.

After striking a deal with prosecutors, Boren will serve less than one year in jail.

Lane County Deputy District Attorney Robert Lane confirmed that Boren serve just 30 days in jail for each offense.

A charge of using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct was dismissed.

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“Our office must decide each case individually, taking into account the facts of the offenses, and the nature of the offender,” Lane said. “This case was assigned to me, and I made those decisions.”

Boren self-identifies as a “drag mom” and developed close relationships with children as a “mentor.”

Under a stage name “Alwaiz Craving,” which is pronounced “always craving,” Boren encouraged young children who “hoped to one day become a drag performer.”

An 11-year-old girl was encouraged by Boren to perform at a local pub. Boren solicited money from adults in exchange for the little girl’s performances.

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Upon his arrest in August 2022, Boren admitted that his need for child sex abuse content was an “uncontrollable itch” that couldn’t be stopped. A fellow drag mom performer close to Boren said he made “horrific choices” and had limited interactions with the young girl he mentored, though TPM was able to locate social media posts showing their relationship went back at least six years.

Public fixation on the world of drag shows has gripped America’s politics in recent years as progressives have defended the performances as innocuous fun while conservatives have decried the sexualization of children who have participated in certain events.

Several performers with sexual abuse histories preceded Boren: in 2019 the Houston Public Library apologized for hosting a drag queen with previous child sexual abuse convictions while a second performer was found to have sexually abused an adolescent.