BLM Leader and Organizer Turned Mayor Arrested For 1st Degree Burglary and Criminal Trespass

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The radical left-wing political movement called “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) has faced serious scrutiny for alleged tax fraud, corruption, and other crimes.

The group spent a staggering $37 million on multi-dollar private homes, private jet charters, and other luxury items.

Leader organizer Khalid Kamau catapulted his career through the BLM movement by becoming mayor of South Fulton, Georgia.

Kamau was arrested on charges of criminal trespass and first-degree burglary.

A witness saw him allegedly walking up a driveway and entering a residence that he did not own. The witness called the police.

A homeowner of the property reportedly held Kamau at gunpoint.

The BLM mayor allegedly responded, “Do you know who the f*** I am? I’m the mayor.”

“I’ll wait for my police to get here and see what happens then,” the mayor reportedly said.

Kamau later apologized and claimed it was all a “misunderstanding.”

“I just wanted to see the house,” he claimed. “I do apologize to the owners. I thought it was abandoned.”

“I apologize for the negative attention that this is brought to our city,” Kamau said.

“I hope that the spotlight on our city right now will highlight some of the inequities that have been happening.”

“I do want to thank South Fulton Police and the staff and officers at Rice Street for courteous and professional service throughout the day today,” Kamau said.

More on this story via Western Journal:

The police report said the mayor told them that he was heading for a dog park when he stopped to look at the house, which he called a dream house he would like to buy, and that he knew he was trespassing.

In Kamau’s version of the encounter, the homeowner confronted him as he left, saying, “No motherf***er, you stay right there.”

Kamau also said the man cocked his gun and said, “If you take another step, I’m going to shoot you.” The mayor then said,“Are you going to shoot me while I’m walking away?” Kamau told police he then identified himself and offered an apology.

Kamau is billed on the city’s website as “America’s first #BlackLivesMatter organizer elected to public office” and a “Southern, Black, Christian Socialist”…

Kamau was released on $11,000 bond, according to WSB.

According to WXIA-TV, the mayor must undergo a mental health evaluation because of the “circumstances of the warrant” and follow its treatment plan.