Man Who Inspired ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Fires Back At Critics: ‘It’s Kind Of Sick’

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Actor Jim Caviezel, who is known for playing the role of Jesus in The Passion of Christ, is starring in a new blockbuster movie called “Sound of Freedom.” The eye-opening film puts a spotlight on a topic that “woke” Hollywood leftists won’t like: Sex trafficking.

Proving that Americans are hungry for non-woke content, “Sound of Freedom” crushed the box office during its first weekend. It generated a staggering $40 million in total ticket sales, according to Angel Studios.

Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 99% audience score. Film “critics” rated the film at 76% out of 100%.

Left-wing critics in the media, particularly Rolling Stone and The Guardian, are accused of tying the film to the QAnon movement, which is a theory that claims there is a secret group of Satan-worshipping pedophiles who are running a global child sex trafficking ring.

QAnon followers have argued that President Trump is fighting this group and bringing them to justice. The FBI designated QAnon as a domestic terrorism threat.

Tim Ballard, who inspired the film, is fight back against the media. Ballard is a former government agent who embarked on a mission to rescue children from sex traffickers in Colombia.

Ballard told Fox News there is no justification to accuse the movie of being steeped in conspiracy theories associated with QAnon.

“I can’t explain, and neither can they,” Ballard said. “Every show I’ve seen, they just like to throw the word out, ‘QAnon.’ They make zero connection to the actual story. It’s very difficult to make that connection when it’s actually based on a true story.”

Ballard asked, “where is the QAnon doctrine being spewed in the film and the script?”, and argued that he would know best because he was there for these events that can be confirmed by others.

“This is just some other agenda … who would want to get the backs or run interference for pedophiles and human traffickers? That’s the more important question in all this. Why would you want to lie to push an agenda whose goal is to have children be in captivity? It’s kind of sick,” he said.

The film exposes the ugly depths of human trafficking and child sex trafficking around the world. Opening on July 4th weekend, the film quickly skyrocketed to the top of the box office.

“As with our July 4th numbers, today’s numbers exceed our expectations, and we’re going to continue this momentum. SOUND of FREEDOM has taken on a life of its own,” Brandon Purdie, Head of Theatrical Distribution at Angel Studios, said.

“We’re getting messages from all over the country telling us about packed theaters, sold-out theaters, and spontaneous standing ovations for the film in numerous locations. Seeing this film has become a must thanks to incredible word-of-mouth.”

“We’re deeply grateful to AMC, Cinemark, Regal, and all our theater partners—and their hard-working theater staff members—for working with us to accommodate the surging demand for this film and having the courage to release SOUND OF FREEDOM during the busiest movie season of the year,” he added.

The film is currently showing in 2,850 theaters and is expected to generate well over $40 million in the days ahead.

“The film follows the harrowing true story of a federal agent who, after rescuing a boy who was being trafficked, quits his job in order to track down and rescue the boy’s sister in South America,” the report concluded.

“Sound of Freedom” is directed and co-written by Alejandro Monteverde. It stars Jim Caviezel, Mira Sorvino, and Bill Camp.

The film’s plot follows Ballard as he quits his job as a federal agent to form Operation Underground Railroad, an organization that rescues children from sex trafficking.

Ballard travels to Colombia to rescue a young boy named Miguel, who has been trafficked by a drug cartel. Ballard’s mission is complicated by the fact that Miguel’s sister, Sofia, is still being held captive by the cartel.

“Sound of Freedom” is a powerful film that shines a light on the issue of child sex trafficking. The film is well-acted and well-directed, and it is sure to leave a lasting impression on Americans and viewers across the world.