Famous Actress Dies After Blaming COVID Jab For Severe Medical Problems

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Actress and model Katerina Pavelek has died after battling chronic neurological illness called “Myalgic Encephalomyelitis” (ME).

On social media, Pavelek said the untreatable condition was caused by the COVID vaccine that she was forced to receive for work.

“The booster jab I received over [a] year ago destroyed my health, my body and my life completely,” Pavelek explained in an Instagram post.

The 41-year-old actress appeared in “The Mindy Project” as well as “Fox Sports Live.” She received the Johnson Johnson & Johnson booster for work.

In 2019, she appeared “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. In 2018, she appeared in the movies “The Last Sharknado,” “Default” and “The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale.”

Pavelek said she became severely ill and homebound. “My body is too weak to fight this illness and I have no more strength so I made decision to end my life at Pegasos association in Switzerland,” she said.

Pavelek died by assisted suicide after the illness disabled her.

“This illness made me disabled, unable to work or have social life and unable to enjoy life all together,” she said.

“Breathing has become more and more painful for me and my lung function has been declining. Thank you for all your friendship and support over last year.”

“There is no other way to end my suffering other than the decision I made,” she said in her final post.

The actress said she was diagnosed with “untreatable chronic neurological illness ME/CFS caused by booster jab on top of having suspected respiratory ALS.”

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Pavelek, a native of Slovakia, died June 1 in Liestal, Switzerland, her IMDB profile confirmed. It even added the cause of death in parentheses: Suicide.

But even that one-word explanation is more than the death received on most mainstream entertainment news sites, which, as of Thursday, had not mentioned it at all, although such sites frequently fill their pages with tributes and obituaries of recently deceased performers big and small.

One of the few outlets to note Pavelek’s passing was the celebrity gossip site RadarOnline, which reported she died by assisted suicide “after she was diagnosed with an incurable and chronic neurological illness that she claimed was a result of the COVID-19 booster shot she received last year.”

“Prior to her death, Pavelek shared that her health had been steadily declining after getting the Johnson Johnson & Johnson booster for work in February 2022,” RadarOnline reported in a separate article about a memorial ceremony Pavelek’s friends recently held for her.

“Today we celebrated the life of Katarina Pavelek,” actor Devlin Wilder of “Johnny Be Gone” wrote in a post, according to the report.

“It was a beautiful memorial on the beach sharing stories of her laughter, her boldness, her resilience, and our friendship with her and one another.