Journalists Plug Ford Electric Truck in at Campground, Find Out It Will Take 5 Days to Fully Charge

OPINION | This article contains the author's opinion.

Two investigative journalists could matters into their own hands to study the newly released Ford 150 Lightning EV truck.

They quickly learned that the vehicle is incredibly difficult to fully charge. In order to travel from the lower 48 states to Alaska, it requires a tremendouse amount of planning compared to driving a gas-powered vehicle.

At a campground, it took about 5 days to fully charge their F-150 using a standard 120 outlet. The truck also already had 22 percent battery when the charging started. This study was carried out using an outlet with level 1 in EV parlance.

After upgrading to a level 2 outlet with a larger 240-volt, the result was much better. This outlet is typically used by recreational vehicles and fifth-wheel trailers to run air conditioners and refrigerators.

Instead of five days, the journalists found it took 14 hours to get the vehicle fully charged.

The F-150 Lightning has a standard range of 240 miles, which will depend on the terrain, truck load, and other factors. The range can be much shorter depending on these additional factors.

The level 2 outlet option is the only realistic way to make a successful long distance trip.

The journalists, who are automotive enthusiasts, also pointed out a potential ethical dilemma while charging the EV truck at a campground. With such a large battery, it draws significant energy and increases the overall price of energy, which negatively impacts others at the campground.