CNN’s Chris Cuomo Will Forever Have a ‘Credibility Problem’ — Fact-Checker Drops Bomb on News Anchor

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Poynter Institute works as a media watchdog and sets the criteria for verifying the official “fact-checkers” for tech giants like Facebook. Poynter also runs Politifact.

Now Poynter is taking aim at CNN host Chris Cuomo who was recently exposed as an accomplice and advisor in the disturbing sexual harassment scandal involving his brother, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Poynter’s senior media writer Tom Jones writes, “Blame [Chris Cuomo] for his own actions.”

“The problem is that Chris admittedly was part of the team that advised Andrew when the allegations that Andrew had sexually harassed women were going public,” Jones wrote.

“We’re talking about serious allegations of sexual harassment,” Jones writes.

“How do staffers at CNN — especially women — feel about a powerful employee trying to help someone, even if it is his brother, defuse and overcome allegations of disturbing sexual misbehavior? How do the women who made these allegations feel about a high-profile cable news network personality trying to help the man accused of such awful things? How about the citizens of New York?”

Jones asked, “And I will now add: how about CNN viewers?”

“This isn’t blaming Chris for Andrew’s actions. This is blaming Chris for Chris’ actions,” Jones wrote.

“Advising his brother is something that is going to be hard to forget, especially when Chris is reporting on similar accusations against other public figures.”

Jones concluded that Chris Cuomo is “forever going to have a credibility problem among some viewers.”

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