NBC Hit with ‘Worst Case Scenario’ Amid ‘Woke’ Protests — Olympics Ratings Nosedive

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The ratings are in… And it’s bad news for NBC.

Compared to five years ago in Rio de Janeiro, ratings in this year’s Olympic games in Tokyo have crashed.

On many days throughout the 17-day competition, viewership is roughly half of what it was for the games in 2016, according to the Associated Press.

“When you look at the numbers, it’s hard to be pleased with them,” University of Alabama sports communications program director Andy Billings said.

“It’s probably NBC’s worst-case scenario, but it’s probably a worst-case scenario that they would have been able to predict months ago.”

From Daily Wire:

The network is giving advertisers extra commercials to make up for the low viewership…

Fox News reported some of the Olympics disappointing numbers: “NBC’s primetime coverage of the Tokyo Olympics on July 26 averaged 14.7 million viewers — for a 49% drop compared to the equivalent night from the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games and 53% less than the 2012 London Olympics. The opening ceremonies saw their lowest viewership since 1988.”

Americans’ excitement for the Olympics has flagged along with other sports, and some experts are blaming an increase on athlete activism for the lack of interest in sporting events.