The Left’s ‘Ballot Harvesting’ Law Backfires in Spectacular Way, Is Now Be Used Against Gov. Newsom in Recall Effort

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What liberals intended to use to advance their left-wing agenda has backfired spectacularly.

The practice of ballot harvesting is rife with problems, which Republicans have long lamented.

In California, Republicans have tried time and time again to ban the practice of ballot harvesting, Michael Austin of Western Journal notes.

Now the GOP appears to be using this practice against Democrats.

Left-wing Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom in California is currently leading in the polls to retain his position in power.

However, the political committee called “Rescue California” has created a “Volunteer Citizens Brigade” that will perform a targeted “ballot harvesting” of Republican voters throughout the state.

This could have a major impact on whether Newsom remains in office.

A document from Rescue California reads, “Taking advantage of the massive Volunteer Citizens Brigade created by the Recall, we will contact all 5.3 million Republican voters in the state through door-to-door canvassing, texting, emailing, mail and phone calls to ‘harvest’ ballots, creating a GOP wave capable of overcoming the Democrat’s registration advantage in the state.”

“Independent voters who are identified as recall supporters will be included in the Ballot Harvesting/GOTV program,” it adds.

Republicans in California are continuing their work to take back the governorship in their state.

More from Western Journal:

Ballot harvesting is a process that allows third-party political operatives to collect voters’ ballots and then deliver those ballots to polling places.

Up until 2016, only a voter, a relative of a voter or a citizen that lived in the same household as that voter was allowed to hand in their ballot.

It was then that Gov. Jerry Brown signed a ballot harvesting measure into law allowing anyone to collect and turn in absentee ballots, according to The Press-Enterprise.