Anti-Trump GOP Rep. Suffers Major Blow, Is Likely Losing House Seat

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Do you remember all of the liberal tears shed during Pelosi’s hearing on the January 6 Capitol breach?

Well, one of the emotional congressmen who was moved to tears was actually an anti-Trump Republican — Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illionis.

Kinzinger is described as the “self-imagined Trump nemesis and the sobbing simp on Nancy Pelosi’s Jan. 6 committee,” by Kyle Becker of Becker News.

Now Kinzinger just received some devastating news:

“He’s out. Or, that is, he soon will be, after his seat is removed through redistricting in his home state of Illinois,” Becker adds.

Despite his attempt to side with Democrats on Pelosi’s committee, Democrats aren’t doing him any favors.

Democrats are eliminating Adam Kinzinger’s Congressional district from Illinois.

If you remember, both Adam Kinzinger and Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff and became “visibly emotional” at the Jan. 6th hearing.

Emotional congressmen were moved to tears during Pelosi’s hearing on the January 6 Capitol breach.

As Schiff cried, he said, “God help us. But I have faith because of folks like you. I didn’t expect this would be emotional either. It must be an Adam thing today.”

Kinzinger openly cried and said, “I never expected today to be quite as emotional for me as it has been.”

“I’ve talked to a number of you and gotten to know you,” Kinzinger continued. I think it’s important to tell you right now, though: You guys may, like, individually, feel a little broken. … But you guys won. You guys held.”

Watch the clip:

Despite Kinzinger comments, the events of January 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol were not “the result of an organized plot to overturn the presidential election result,” according to the FBI.

Officials quoted in an exclusive Reuters report have blown the Democrats’ narrative about Jan. 6th wide open.

Democrats have pushed a false narrative that the events of January 6, 2021 were an organized attempt to overturn the presidential election result.

The only problem is that this claim lacks evidence, according to officials. On the contrary, there is strong evidence that roughly 96% of cases were “one-off incidents” and only 4% could be tied to various militia-type groups. These groups were still not centrally coordinated.

Officials state in the Reuters reports that the events of Jan. 6th at the U.S. Capitol were not “the result of an organized plot to overturn the presidential election result.”

“FBI at this point believes the violence was not centrally coordinated by far-right groups or prominent supporters of then-President Donald Trump,” the report adds.

“The FBI has so far found no evidence that he [President Trump] or people directly around him were involved in organizing the violence, according to the four current and former law enforcement officials,” it continued.

The new report vindicates Trump as being falsely linked to allegedly inciting or organizing the events of Jan. 6th and wrongfully banned by social media platforms.

A former senior law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation explained, “Ninety to ninety-five percent of these are one-off cases. Then you have five percent, maybe, of these militia groups that were more closely organized,” he added.

“But there was no grand scheme with Roger Stone and Alex Jones and all of these people to storm the Capitol and take hostages,” he concluded.

Watch the clip:

More from Becker News:

The most hilarious piece of news coming out of this is that Kinzinger anticipated this and declared he will seek higher office if this dark day for his political future ever arrived.

“Rep. Adam Kinzinger, the most prominent Republican in Illinois, said if Democrats carve up his congressional district in the pending remap, he would consider a statewide run for senator or governor in 2022,” the Chicago Sun Times earlier reported.

The virulent Never Trumper Kinzinger recently unveiled his secret weapon of crying effusively during the Jan. 6 recap-of-the-recap hearings in early July.

“I never expected today to be quite emotional for me as it has been,” Kinzinger said while choking up.

He had been smiling and thanking colleagues only moments before.

“I think it’s important to tell you right now, though,” he went on. “You guys may like feel individually a little broken, about the effects you have to deal with, about the impact of that day,” he said to police officers before the committee.