VIDEO: Biden Slurs, Mumbles, Loses His Train of Thought, Wanders from Podium

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A video montage of dementia-ridden Joe Biden is going viral and being viewed by millions of Americans.

The rest of the world is laughing in our faces as Biden slurs his words and struggles to complete a coherent sentence.

During a rally held by Biden, he appears to lose his train of thought numerous times, wanders away from the podium, and screams at the audience.


Dr. Ronny Jackson, who is the former White House physician under both Obama and Trump, has issued an alarming statement Biden.

Jackson has said Biden is “not qualified to be president” and “must have a cognitive test now.”

“Biden’s ‘press conference’ is disturbing and bizarre,” Jackson added. “He’s totally disconnected from reality. He has NO IDEA what’s going on. It’s no surprise he’s been kept locked away in the basement. This is an EMBARRASSMENT.”

“The whole country is seeing his mental cognitive issues on display for over a year now, and there’s really no question in most people’s minds that there’s something going on with him, that he’s not cognitively the same as he used to be and, in my mind, not fit to be our president right now,” Jackson said.

“Every time he gets up and talks to the American people, it’s not just the American people that are watching him speak, it’s the whole world, and that’s part of what the problem is here,” he continued.

“He looks tired, he looks weak, he looks confused, he’s incoherent, and it sends a message of weakness all over the world, and they’re seizing up on that,” Jackson said.

“He’s got 40 years of tape, you can go back and look at this man, so it’s not like we don’t have anything to compare it to,” Jackson said. “You can go back and look, he’s always made gaffes, he’s always made missteps, but never like this. This is something different. These aren’t gaffes. … This is something much more serious.”

“Biden doesn’t know what’s going on with Ukraine,” Jackson explained. “He doesn’t know what’s going on with ANYTHING!”

“He’s not cognitively capable of leading,” Jackson said, adding that “he needs to RESIGN before our country suffers any more.” Take a look: