Hollywood Actor Mel Gibson Talks About R-Rated ‘Father Stu’ Film: ‘We’re All A Bunch Of Sinners’

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The movie “Father Stu,” featuring Hollywood A-lister Mark Wahlberg as Stuart Long and Mel Gibson as Bill Long, is rated R for foul language despite its Christian message.

The story follows Stuart Long (Wahlberg) and his journey in the footsteps of his father, Bill, who is a heavy drinker. Stu eventually finds himself following a pretty girl into church.

“I think there’s a kind of a tendency in most faith-based films to preach to the choir,” Gibson said. “They keep things pretty sanitized. And that’s not who we are.”

“I mean, hey, we’re here because we’re a bunch of sinners, right?” Gibson said. “So this film shows you that. It shows that you can come from the depths of all human weakness and kind of be better than that.”

Gibson himself has been mostly canceled in Hollywood over his antisemitic remarks and alcohol-fueled scandals during the divorce from his wife, Robyn Gibson, to whom he was married for nearly 30 years.

Gibson has apologized but Hollywood “is not a town that believes in redemption,” Daily Wire notes.

“We don’t necessarily win in this life. That’s not what it’s about.”

“Every one of us has got a boulder that we’re dragging around somewhere,” he says. “We’re all gonna get knocked over.”

“We’ve all got a burden that we have to go through, some more than others, you know? And [Stu Long] had a heavy one. But, man, he was an example of how to triumph over that and weave gold out of it,” Gibson continued.

“He’s a man who had all the venal qualities that most men have, and you get to see what he learned about humility. I think, you know, he goes from being prideful to being humbled.”

“We’re looking for a chance. We’re looking for a shot, you know?” he says. “We’re looking for a way to win the crown.”

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