Wife of ‘American Sniper’ Takes Biden Behind the Woodshed Over Afghanistan Disaster

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Taya Kyle, the widow of “American Sniper” U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, is disgusted by the Biden administration.

Kyle appeared on Fox News to discuss Biden’s botched withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

Biden spun the withdrawal was an “extraordinary success,” to which she responded “no!”

“It’s been one of the biggest disasters we’ve had,” Kyle said.

“It is not the withdrawal that would happen anywhere else, as he suggested. I think his speech was riddled with platitudes, false dilemmas, acting as if it was so oversimplified that we only had one or two choices, which are not at all the choices that we had,” she said.

“There was such hubris from them, and it was so unwarranted,” she continued.

“Dan Crenshaw gave a great analogy, saying it’s akin to an arsonist setting a fire, then congratulating himself for putting the fire out while there are people still burning inside the house,” she said.

“And make no mistake, with the Taliban in control and partnering with China and Russia and having that whole Middle Eastern part of the world in this now dangerous sort of power triangle, there’s a huge impact globally,” she said.

“This is a disaster, not only just the way he withdraw, but not having any small presence there to maintain and help that government. I could go on and on, but trying to act as if we trained up people and now they should be able to fight the Taliban themselves,” she said.

Watch the clip:

“There’s systemic problems. Anybody who’s been in Afghanistan or Iraq can tell you they’re not ready to just have hope and be empowered and step in. This is systemic for generations in their culture. It doesn’t work this way,” Kyle said.

“It was extraordinarily difficult, and one SEAL in particular was saying he felt like throwing the computer across the room. And this is a guy who always maintains control. It was that ridiculous,” she added.

“Ultimately, they are at the mercy of the commander in chief. They have seen people on the ground scrambling to take care of the mess that this administration made. And make no mistake, it’s the people on the ground and behind the scenes that are trying to correct for it,” she said.

“We all know globally this is going to have a huge impact, and I’m not one to make something out of nothing. I’m usually the hope and light and everything is going to be okay [person]. I see the positive. [But] this is incredibly dangerous,” she added.

“When you see the Taliban having control like this on one trillion dollars of mineral wealth, this is gonna have a global impact unlike anything we’ve ever seen,” she added.

“We go from Ronald Reagan saying ‘Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall,’ to this president playing some sort of ‘mother may I game’ with the Taliban and not taking opportunities that they give us to take control of Kabul and the airport to get us out in a safer manner,” she explained.

“And just like … by the way, here’s a list of our Americans in your country. We trust you, Taliban. It shows if not ignorance, I don’t want to get too drastic in what I think it could be, but I think it’s beyond ignorance. And I think it’s frightening,” she concluded.

Here’s the tweet from Dan Crenshaw that Kyle referred to: