Son of 9/11 Victim Warns Biden to Not Attend Any Ground Zero Memorials: ‘Killer-in-Chief’

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The son of a 9/11 victim has a direct warning for Joe Biden.

“Today, I call out Biden as the ‘killer-in-chief,’” he said.

“I am demanding that President Biden dare not show his face at ground zero on 9/11,” Nic Haros Jr. told Fox News.

It’s possible that Biden attends ground zero memorials on the upcoming 20th-year anniversary of 9/11.

Haros Jr. lost his mother, Frances, who was 76 years old at the time. She died in the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Haros Jr. appeared on “Fox & Friends” to discuss the release of previously classified documents regarding the attacks.

Haros Jr. said he wanted to send a message to Biden.

“I am demanding that President Biden dare not show his face at ground zero on 9/11,” Haros Jr. declared.

“It’s shameful for him, I think, to use the dead bodies as a political prop for his so-called ‘victory lap.’”

“He is insensitive and he shows no compassion to the families,” he continued. “No Joe, no victory, we are now in Afghan war 2.0.”

Haros Jr. argued that Biden would be complicit in a “coming genocide” against Afghans and Americans left behind in Afghanistan and promoted “infanticide” in the United States.

Haros Jr. warned that the president “must not dishonor their grace or patriotism, for he has none.”

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Haros Jr. is one of the latest family members of victims of terror attacks who have publicly told Biden not to attend any of their memorial events…

Frances, according to her son, worked on the top-third of the south tower of the World Trade Center as a receptionist on the day of the attacks.

“Like over 1,700 other victims, no remains have ever been identified and her grave is empty,” Haros Jr. said, adding that there was “no closure” for his family…

He said part of his statement came in response to the recent attacks at Kabul airport in Afghanistan that left 13 U.S. servicemen dead, as well as the botched evacuation of Americans from the country.

Biden has recently faced heightened calls for impeachment and has found himself under fire for vacationing frequently during the Afghanistan crisis.

The president also has faced a wave of scrutiny from Gold Star families after their meetings reportedly focused on Biden’s late son, Beau, instead of the fallen servicemen.