Tim Allen Cracks 14-Word Dad Joke About Joe Biden — Liberals Lose Their Minds

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The hypocrisy and double standard of the Left came alive once again as they have been perfectly OK with jokes being told about President Donald Trump, but not President Joe Biden.

Comedian Tim Allen quickly went viral for telling a joke about 79-year-old Joe Biden who recently appeared on the CBS show “60 Minutes.”

“Biden was on 60 minutes,” Allen said. “I heard he asked how long the show was.”

Allen pokes fun at Biden’s troubling cognitive decline. Dr. Ronny Jackson, the former White House physician for President Obama and President Trump, has been outspoken about the fact Biden is battling age-related dementia.

The joke infuriated liberals who attacked Allen by saying the comment was “lame” and “unfunny.”

“You’ve really fallen off, bro. Go back to monkey noises. You nailed that,” actor Christopher Titus responded.

“Tim Allen is a Trumper seditious criminal domestic terrorist! Good to know!” another person said.

“That was 59 more minutes more than it took you to narc on your drug buddies back in the day. F***’n snitch,” another person said in reference to a drug conviction in Allen’s past.

Allen was arrested in 1978 for drug trafficking. “I was an eff-up,” Allen said about himself at the time. After getting out of prison, he committed to straightening out his life and he’s been sober for decades.

“Friendly reminder this guy trafficked cocaine for Pablo Escobar’s cartel. If a black man did what he did, that brother would still be in prison to this very day. F*** outta here old man,” another person said.

Actor Saverio Guerra joked, “I heard Tim Allen got arrested for selling 2 lbs of cocaine, and he asked how much it weighed!”

“What a shame. I loved THE SANTA CLAUSE,” another person said. “Now, I choose not to support this man or any of his projects including THE SANTA CLAUSES on @DisneyPlus. He’s showing us who he is, who he supports & what he believes. My money will not support treasonous grifters. @Disney @santaclauses.”

Numerous people came to Allen’s defense by pointing out that the joke was fairly innocuous.

“Really?… twitter is trying to cancel sitcom dad, Tim Allen, for telling a dad joke?… buttery soft,” one person said.