ESPN Announcer Dan Orlovsky Confirms Whether He Farted On Air

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There was widespread speculation during “Monday Night Football” after ESPN announcer Dan Orlovsky appeared to interrupt himself speaking with either a sneeze or a fart on live television.

The uncomfortable moment included a mid-sentence pause followed immediately by an audible fart-like sound. However, Orlovsky went right back to talking like nothing had happened.

Listen for yourself:

Orlovsky played along as people joked on social media. “Shoulda never tried to blue cheese,” he wrote to Twitter.

In the end, Orlovsky confirmed that he didn’t fart on air.

“Lol I wish I did but I didn’t,” Orlovsky said, claiming that the noise and mid-sentence interruption wasn’t a far. “I’m the most self deprecating human alive I’d say it.”

More from Fox News:

“Starts with a sneeze/fart combo and then goes on to call a flawless game. Talk about fighting thru adversity,” Lang wrote. “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. Well done @danorlovsky”

The record was set straight earlier on Tuesday when he simply said “no fart” to a fan asking him for the truth.

Orlovksy, who has been a bright, charismatic personality with ESPN since the network brought him on for NFL analysis, handled the situation with grace and hilarity.

The Bills blew out the Titans as wide receiver Stefon Diggs caught three touchdowns from quarterback Josh Allen, who had 317 yards passing and didn’t even play the fourth quarter. The final score was 41-7 for the Bills’ second win on the year.