‘Crazy, Cult Talk’: Rogan Blasts Stacey Abrams’ Claim About Fake Fetal Heartbeats

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Far-left Democrat Stacey Abrams recently claimed fetal heartbeats at six weeks are “a manufactured sound” by men who are trying to “take control of a woman’s body.”

The country’s top podcaster, Joe Rogan, slammed Abrams over her own delusion, calling it “crazy, cult talk.”

Speaking to stand-up comedian Dave Smith, Rogan said, “When you have people like Stacey Abrams saying that a fetal heartbeat is an illusion, it’s established biology [that it is real].”

“This is wild, ideological, crazy, cult talk,” he continued.

Abrams, who is currently the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Georgia, said, “There’s no such thing as a prenatal heartbeat at six weeks. The sound is manufactured.”

Rogan responded, “Just that statement alone should discredit you to the point where people should never listen to anything you ever say again.”


“Who’s manufacturing … what does that mean?” Rogan asked.

“She [Abrams] supports no limits on abortion,” Rogan continued. “Umm, that’s crazy, too.”

“Because you’re saying, like, eight months and four weeks. Or eight months and three weeks, rather, right before the kid’s coming out? That’s okay?”

Abrams said, “There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks. It is a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman’s body in place of her.”

More from Daily Wire:

However, many scholars, scientists, and doctors agree that an unborn child’s heart typically starts beating at around six weeks gestation, as The Daily Wire previously reported.

Rogan’s comments came as part of a larger discussion on Wednesday’s show about how both the podcast host and his guest think that the “establishment work very hard to make sure that you don’t ever think” a person on the Left and one on the Right might have some things in common.

Rogan said that “these culture war issues that we’re seeing in the news every day, there is an element of distraction about that.”

“No matter how much you think these issues are important, they are important,” the host explained. “But they’re not talking about them because they are important. They’re talking about them because they know this will solidify people’s adherence to ideology.”

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