BREAKING: Biden Admin Dealt Major Blow from Federal Court, Attempt to Halt Texas Abortion Law Shut Down

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Democrats are doing everything in their power to stop the Texas abortion law.

A federal appeals court has rejected the Biden administration’s latest attempt to undo the law.

The Texas Heartbeat Act restricts abortions after there is a heartbeat or “cardiac activity” within the unborn child via ultrasound.

This is usually possible at around six weeks of pregnancy.

The new Texas law is considered the nation’s biggest curb to abortion in nearly 50 years.

Texas women can still seek abortion clinics in neighboring states in order to terminate unborn children with cardiac activity. Texas is not allowing any exceptions.

Newsmax reported, “The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals extends a previous order that for now keeps in place the Texas law known as Senate Bill 8.”

“It marks the third time since October that the conservative-leaning appeals court has sided with Texas and let the restrictions stand,” the report adds.

The Texas Heartbeat Act has been successfully upheld in court because it has a unique structure.

It has prevailed because it “leaves enforcement up to private citizens.”

If an abortion provider violates the law, they can face a lawsuit and pay at least $10,000 in damages.

More from Newsmax:

Texas had roughly two dozen abortion clinics before the law took effect, and operators have said some may be forced to close if the restrictions stay in place for much longer.

Already the stakes are high in the coming months over the future of abortion rights in the U.S. In December, the new conservative majority on the Supreme Court will hear Mississippi’s bid to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision that guarantee’s a woman’s right to an abortion.

A 1992 decision by the Supreme Court prevented states from banning abortion before viability, the point at which a fetus can survive outside the womb, around 24 weeks of pregnancy. But Texas’ version has outmaneuvered courts so far due to the fact that it offloads enforcement to private citizens.

Texas Right to Life, the state’s largest anti-abortion group, set up a tipline to receive allegations against abortion providers but has not filed any lawsuits.