WATCH: Fishermen Caught Cheating During Tournament as Crowd Gets Ugly

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Fishermen Chase Cominsky from Pennsylvania and Jake Runyon from Ohio were caught cheating in a fishing competition.

The two men stuffed their fish with weights so they could win the $5,000.00 prize money.

Suspicion developed when the weight of their fish was significantly higher than other competitors.

Tournament director Jason Fischer gutted fish caught by Cominsky and Jake Runyon.

Fischer gutted the fish and announced to the crowd, “We got weights on the fish!”

Upset, fellow competitors said they should be arrested and past competitions should be investigated.

Cominsky and Runyon have won other tournaments and received large amounts of prize money.

More on this story via Breitbart:

It turns out, it could be quite a few events they rigged. Nevertheless, these two suspected cheaters have a long list of first prize wins under their belts. And one of their wins was a big deal.

Cominsky and Runyon won the Blaster Walleye Fall Brawl and the Walleye Slam to earn the Lake Erie Walleye Trail Championship in December of last year, and the prize money came in at a whopping $306,000, SportsTiger reported.

The pair have won other tournaments in which boats were prizes, too.

Unsurprisingly, since Friday’s outing, the two have been banned from Ohio’s Lake Erie Walleye Trail Championships, pending more investigating into their past wins.

There have been other allegations lodged at the pair, too. The Mail added that the two were accused of hiding previously caught fish and adding them to the fresh catch at the Rossford Walleye Roundup.

Causing even more suspicion, after the Rossford tournament, Cominsky and Runyon refused to donate their catch to the local food bank as the contestants usually do.

Runyon has defended himself against claims that he cheated before. He even hired a lawyer to deflect against allegations.

But for now, it appears that many of the duo’s past wins are coming under a microscope.

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