Planned Parenthood Fumes Over Abortion Scenes In Marilyn Monroe Flick ‘Blonde’

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Planned Parenthood felt that the latest Marilyn Monroe movie, “Blonde,” did not accurately depict the events around abortion.

At one point, the film “Blonde” depicted a violent and forced abortion.

Caren Spruch, Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s national director of arts and entertainment engagement, said, “As film and TV shape many people’s understanding of sexual and reproductive health, it’s critical these depictions accurately portray women’s real decisions and experiences.”

Spruch added, “While abortion is safe, essential health care, anti-abortion zealots have long contributed to abortion stigma by using medically inaccurate descriptions of fetuses and pregnancy. Andrew Dominik’s new film, “Blonde,” bolsters their message with a CGI-talking fetus, depicted to look like a fully formed baby.”

“Planned Parenthood respects artistic license and freedom,” Spruch continued. “However, false images only serve to reinforce misinformation and perpetuate stigma around sexual and reproductive health care. Every pregnancy outcome — especially abortion — should be portrayed sensitively, authentically, and accurately in the media.”

“We still have much work to do to ensure that everyone who has an abortion can see themselves onscreen,” Spruch added. “It is a shame that the creators of ‘Blonde’ chose to contribute to anti-abortion propaganda and stigmatize people’s health care decisions instead.”

Director Dominik said the timing of “Blonde” because of the overturning of Roe v. Wade is causing more people to be sensitive to the subject.

More on this story via Daily Wire:

“I think the movie is pretty nuanced actually, and I think it’s very complex, but that doesn’t fit — people are obviously concerned with losses of freedoms. Obviously they are,” the filmmaker told The Wrap. “But, I mean, no one would have given a s*** about that if I’d made the movie in 2008, and probably no one’s going to care about it in four years’ time. And the movie won’t have changed. It’s just what sort of going on.”

Dominik added that critics are looking at “Blonde” “through this Roe v. Wade lens.”

“They’ve got a certain agenda where they feel like the freedoms of women are being compromised, and they look at ‘Blonde,’ and they see a demon, but it’s not really about that,” he said. “I think it’s very difficult for people to step outside of the stories they carry inside themselves and see things of their own volition.”