‘In Touch With The Lord’: Elvis Presley’s Stepbrother Reveals Legend’s Relationship with God Before Death

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Billy Stanley, the stepbrother of Elvis Presley, remembers conversations he had with Elvis about God.

Stanley remembers Elvis asking him, “Do you believe God forgives us for all our sins?”

Stanley replied, “Well, yeah, I mean, we’ve talked about this for almost 17 years, Elvis.”

Presley replied, “I just wanted to hear you say that, Billy.”

This meeting was the last time that Stanley spoke with Presley.

Presley reportedly said he was going to make changes in his life and hope that his brother would work for him again.

Stanley recalled they talked about love and how he had been in love twice. Elvis did not name his loves.

The conversation ended with Elis leaving to read his bible and Elvis saying “I love you” to Stanley.

More on this story via Fox News:

It was Aug. 14, 1977, and the singer was proudly demonstrating his new karate knives. While the two were sparring, Stanley threw an unexpected punch, causing Presley to react quickly. Stanley hurt his finger, and a blood blister quickly formed.

“He saw that he hit me, so he immediately dropped the knives, grabbed my finger, and walked me to the bathroom,” Stanley, who recently wrote his new book “The Faith of Elvis,” chuckled to Fox News Digital. “We were standing by the sink, facing this huge mirror. Here was Elvis, making a big deal out of this, like he was going to have to do surgery or something. Meanwhile, I’m just standing there in amazement, smiling at him.”

The conversation then turned to the future. According to Stanley, Presley was eager to make serious changes in his life. He was going to get rid of his longtime manager Colonel Tom Parker and fire some of his employees. Stanley claimed Presley was hopeful that he would consider leaving behind his job as an assistant jet mechanic at the airport and work for him again. The talk then turned to love. Presley assured his younger sibling that one day he would find it, noting he had been in love “twice,” without giving any names

It was the last time Stanley saw Presley alive. The rock ‘n’ roll star passed away on Aug. 16, 1977, at age 42.