James Madison Rep Invites Lizzo To Tour His Montpelier Estate After She Twerked With His Crystal Flute

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Rap artist Lizzo recently twerked onstage while playing James Madison’s crystal flute.

In response, a spokesperson for James Madison’s Montpelier Estate invited Lizzo to tour the Virginia property.

The estate spokesperson also said they would like to see Lizzo perform, but she has not responded to the request.

The Montpelier estate is a museum set up to educate the public. It has been reported that the organization has been criticized for promoting CRT (critical race theory).

As a result, the Montpelier Foundation has attempted to “unpack and interrogate white privilege and supremacy and systemic racism” in its educational materials.

“This is crazy. I have to be really careful,” Lizzo told the audience in the video.

Lizzo is a classically trained flutist.

More on this story via Daily Wire:

“Lizzo reverently took Madison’s crystal flute in hand and blew a few notes. This isn’t easy, as the instrument is more than 200 years old. She blew a few more when she was in the Great Hall and Main Reading Room,” April Slayton, Director of Communications at the Library of Congress, wrote in a blog post about the visit.

“Then, reaching for a more practical flute from the collection, she serenaded employees and a few researchers. It filled the space with music as sublime as the art and architecture.”

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