Actor Kevin Sorbo Opens Up About Closeted Conservative Actors

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Numerous actors have reached out to thank actor Kevin Sorbo for speaking out about his conservative views.

Many conservative actors are “closeted,” meaning they do not share their conservative views openly in fear of facing the wrath of left-wing Hollywood.

Sorbo agreed that speaking out about politics has hurt his career.

“We do need more,” Sorbo said. “Just the News” of openly conservative actors. I have actors come up to me on the set over the last five, six years saying, ‘Hey, thank you for being a voice for us.’ ‘Well, why don’t you be a voice for yourself?'”

“But they’re all afraid to come out of that conservative closet because we’re the ones getting bashed and attacked,” Sorbo added.

“I still have a career,” he said, adding, “that’s fine. I’m doing the movies that I want to do.”

Sorbo frequently speaks out on social and political issues and the so-called wokeness.

“I think people that really think this is a horrible country really should go spend a year in other countries where they think their utopia is and find out what socialism and communism truly are all about,” Sorbo added.

More on this story via Daily Wire:

The actor in June offered pro-abortion celebs a history lesson following the overturning of Roe v. Wade by posting a photo of the SCOTUS justices in 1973, who originally weighed in on the case. “So, old white men can’t decide what women do with their bodies but this is who passed Roe V Wade …” the “Andromeda” actor captioned the post.

And in July 2021, Sorbo spoke to Fox Business about the anti-American rhetoric coming out of Hollywood with regard to a Marvel Comics mini-series that promotes the idea that the American Dream can become the “American lie,” The Daily Wire reported.

“We keep reaching new levels of insanity,” Sorbo said. “It’s obvious America is a great country. This is just another example of lies from the Left.”

“Walt Disney said back in the 1950s … movies and television will influence our youth,” he continued. “Look at what’s going on in the streets across America today, especially in all the blue states and the blue cities, and all the anger and hate and violence going on out there.”