Megyn Kelly Trashes Kim Kardashian, Calls Her A ‘Force For Evil’

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Megyn Kelly brutally criticized Kim Kardashian, who began famous merely for releasing a sex tape in 2007 that was filmed in 2003 with then-boyfriend Ray J.

Kelly slammed Kardashian for her vanity and self-absorption, calling her a “force for evil” due to her massive impact on the younger American generations.

Speaking to Bridget Phetasy, Kelly said, “I never want to see another picture of Kim Kardashian again. I am so sick of seeing her boobs and her a** every time I open the New York Post, The Daily Mail, whatever I’m sick of it. And not just her but all of the sisters, too. Sick of it.”

“And I’m sick of all of these Hollywood actresses showing all of their body, like the stupid awards show,” she continued. “Wear some sparkles. Cover your navel. For the love of God, act like a woman.”

“It goes to the place where it just becomes so in your face, it bothers me,” she said.

Kelly explained that the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show featured performers such as J. Lo and Shakira, wore clothes that left little to the imagination: “I object to like J. Lo and Shakira showing their vag at the Super Bowl. Like I don’t want that. It’s gotta be situation appropriate.”

She continued, “What I object to — back on the Kardashians — is the unrivaled vanity. Like the self-promotional, out-of-control focus on one’s self, ego, clicks, likes.”

“They’re hugely responsible for that in our society,” Kelly said.

“They didn’t do it by themselves, but more than any other they’ve had a terrible effect in that lane,” Kelly said.

“And I do blame them. I do. I ask them; I interview them and I ask them, I say, ‘Are you a force for good or are you a force for evil?’”

“And they gave me their answer, but the more I’ve watched them over a number of years the more I think it’s evil; That’s what I object to, I think their disgusting vanity, which has spread like wildfire in our society, the selfie culture is abhorrent to me,” Kelly concluded.