Watch: Man Buys $115,000 Hummer Electric Truck – It Immediately Left Him Stranded in Middle of Road

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The new General Motors Hummer electrical vehicle, priced at $115,000, has presented owners with many problems.

Roman Mica, the publisher of the website The Fast Lane Truck, posted a video of the new Hummer with multiple problems.

Mica was unable to move the vehicle because the shifter wouldn’t move and the trunk would not open. He finally got it in gear and drove it back to the dealer.


Reports have been published that point out an “offroad” Hummer malfunctions if a car wash goes awry, and issues with the software have caused faulty tail lights.

The Hummer is not the only electric vehicle experiencing issues. A 2014 Ford Focus Electric needed a new battery that cost $14,000, and the car originally cost $11,000.

A report was issued by Consumer research group J.D. Power saying that buyers are not satisfied with their newly purchased electric vehicles.

Regardless of these challenges with electric vehicles, some “progressive” and “green energy” advocates are pushing the purchasing of electric vehicles.

In the end, people need a reliable vehicle to lead their lives to where they need to go.

More on this story via Western Journal:

Biden believes that he can “executive order” the American people into defying their own wisdom about purchasing an automobile. He, and many others, are blind to reality. Two million people had power restored in Florida within days of Hurricane Ian. It’s doubtful that many, if any, in the army of out-of-state line workers who helped accomplish that arrived in electric vehicles.

Roman Mica’s experience with a Hummer EV will likely prove to have not been an outlier — just the first of many still to come.

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