After Whoopi Goldberg Announces Her Exit From Twitter, People Say They Can’t Wait For Her To Leave

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Whoopi Goldberg’s decision to leave Twitter is backfiring as many people responded that they’re happy for her to go.

Goldberg says Twitter is “so messy” and makes her feel uncomfortable following the company takeover by billionaire Elon Musk. “As of tonight, I’m done with Twitter,” Goldberg said.

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In a final tweet, she wrote, “To everyone, Thanks for everything! Until we meet again! Love, Whoop.”

This instantly triggered an onslaught of brutal responses. “I’ll miss your presence on Twitter tremendously,” one person said mockingly.

“Just shut up and go away,” another person wrote. “Sincerely, tens of millions of Patriots across America.”

“Glorious,” another person said in celebration of Goldberg’s departure.

“I’m leaving Twitter is the new I’m moving to Canada,” LifeNews noted about the past hypocritical behavior of leftists.

“Imagine getting ratiod on your goodbye tweet,” another person said in reference to how hardly anyone supported Goldberg’s departure while thousands responded in celebration.

Here’s the original clip of Goldberg vowing to leave Twitter: