Hollywood Actor Gushes About Ditching L.A. For Texas, Says His Kids Dance In The Rain

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During a recent interview, actor James Van Der Beek said he is happy with his move from Los Angeles to Texas.

He feels it is the best decision for the family.

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Van Der Beek said, “I know for me, it’s been really centering, and I feel like, for the kids, it’s been grounding and a different kind of education that we could never have offered them in a classroom.”

Van Der Beek continued, “Just the things that we’re all aware of, like what phase the moon is in because we come out, we look at it. I feel like we have a relationship with these natural cycles that are happening.”

He said, “Rain in L.A., it was like, Ah, man, I’m gonna be 20 minutes late because it’s raining. Here, it’s a godsend. They jump around. They sing, “rain, rain come today,” and they run out in it because we need it. It’s just connected us, not just to nature, but to the natural life cycles all around us.”

Van Der Beek and his wife, Kimberly, enjoy the openness of Texas with children Olivia, 12, Annabel, 8, Emilia, 6, and Gwendolyn, 4, along with sons Joshua, 10, and one-year-old Jeremiah.

He said, “We love it. We have a lot more space. We all need a more immediate connection to nature. It’s been a really, really great move, and the kids are really happy.”

He concluded, “The parks have been amazing. We’ve been going to state parks and national parks. One benefit of getting out of the big city was getting to a place where we could just have more space outside our door. It’s a very. It’s a very different life. We watch the sunset. We can actually see stars, which is a new thing.”

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During his recent conversation with People, Van Der Beek also revealed how much his youngest son, Jeremiah, has made their family stronger. The actor said his son “anchors the family in a really beautiful way.”

“Everything really is bigger in Texas,” he said. “He’s by far the biggest baby we’ve ever made by a long shot. He’s really been a blessing. Whatever he costs in sleep — and is still costing in sleep — he’s just well worth it.”