Megyn Kelly Trashes Kim Kardashian’s Response To Balenciaga Scandal

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Kim Kardashian is facing serious backlash for her awful response to Balenciaga’s child “BDSM” photo shoot scandal.

Over the years, Kardashian has been a major supporter of Balenciaga, which is a luxury fashion brand.

The left-wing company recently photographed very young children in a marketing effort alongside erotic sex toys used in BDSM, which refers to bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, and sadomasochism.

After days of silence, Kardashian finally responded and explained she was being quiet on the issue because she wanted a chance to speak to the team to find out “how this could’ve happened.”

Political commentator and former Miss USA, Megyn Kelly, blasted Kim Kardashian.

“Who gives a s*** how it happened,” Kelly replied. “Just put out a statement, ‘It’s deeply wrong and I will speak with them. But this is effed up.’”

“It’s really not that hard,” Kelly continued. “She’s too busy trying to get criminals out of jail.”


“You were part of it,” Kelly continued. “You wore the stupid black veil. You put your kids in Balenciaga.”

“You’ve been seeing them [Balenciaga] with the teddy bears. They did the thing with the Supreme Court opinion. They did the thing with the little girls. Like, what do you mean re-evaluating? What is to re-evaluate? They’re sorry.”

“They are sorry now because people like you [Boller] made a thing of it and it’s become a PR nightmare for them,” she added.

“She [Kardashian] launched her career with a sex tape, which she then pretended was released against her will. But her partner in that video has come out publicly saying that they worked on it together and Kris Jenner marketed it like a pimp.”

“The country’s made her [Kardashian] a billionaire, and she can’t be bothered to do the right thing when the circumstances are staring her dead in the face,” Kelly said.

“She’s exploited her own children, just the same way her mother exploited her. And now, she doesn’t see the ethical lines … and I don’t think Balenciaga is gonna get away with this. I think the blowback will continue and if this is a PR stunt, they’ll soon be out of business.”