Following Michigan Governor Whitmer’s Brutal New COVID-19 Rules, Bowling Alley Owner In Michigan Writes Viral Obituary For Business

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The coronavirus shutdown is killing a locally loved bowling alley in the state of Michigan, according to Fox News.

“She is dying.”

“Something is killing her and she is being told that she needs to be sacrificed. Her death will save lives,” Steven Klein said on social media.

“It started with, anytime a bowling center or business would complain or share their feelings that they were hurt, that their business was shut down and they were losing money, someone would say …, ‘well, you must want people to die if you want to open your business,’ and that’s not the case obviously. So I kind of used hyperbole and gave the bowling center life, which she has already.”

“It’s depressing and you feel like you’re forgotten about; abused actually.”

“I was shocked and surprised that they started that. It was just so overwhelming, the response and love that people have for Vision Lanes and the good times they’ve had here,” Klein said.

The fundraiser has raised over $16,000 of the $25,000 goal.