Major Update In Jeffrey Epstein Case: One Accomplice Who Has Been Missing For Over a Year Was Just Found, Arrested

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Millionaire-model Jean-Luc Brunel is an alleged accomplice and associate to Jeffrey Epstein and has been arrested in France, according to The Western Journal.

Brunel was missing for over a year but has now been detained on accusations of rape, sexual assault of minors, human trafficking, and taking part in a criminal conspiracy.

Brunel was arrested at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport trying to board a plane to Senegal.

Britain’s Mirror said millionaire had vanished, calling him a “ghost who has disappeared without a trace.”

“The victims have long awaited the arrest of Jean-Luc Brunel.”

“They welcome his detention with relief and with confidence in the legal process.”

Thysia Huisman says she was “drugged and raped” by Brunel.

and said “This is huge news. I am crying with joy.”

Clayton Nelson said, “The guy was a vile pig,”

“The girls who slept with him worked.”

“The girls who didn’t, he would tell bookers: ‘I don’t want her booked for anything.’”

In 2015 Brunel denied any such allegations.

“I strongly deny having participated, neither directly nor indirectly, in the actions Mr. Jeffrey Epstein is being accused of.”

“I strongly deny having committed any illicit act or any wrongdoing in the course of my work as a scouter or model agencies manager.”

From The Western Journal:

Epstein was being held in the federal Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City facing child sex trafficking charges at the time of his death, which was ruled a suicide. Those charges were dismissed in August 2019, which left his alleged victims angry, as many said during a hearing called to allow them the opportunity to speak before the case was closed.

Brunel and Epstein’s alleged relationship is documented in flight logs for the late financier’s private plane as far back as 2002, where the Frenchmen turns up for a flight from Florida to the Bahamas, according to Bloomberg.

Brunel also visited Epstein in jail while he was serving a 13-month sentence in Florida for procuring an underage girl for prostitution, according to jail logs, Bloomberg reported.

He allegedly held models in Epstein’s Manhattan apartments, according to a sworn deposition by a former bookkeeper, Bloomberg reported.