Hunter Biden Reveals Bizarre Remarks During Rare Vanity Fair Interview — Amid Federal Tax Investigation Says ‘The One Thing I Have Left Is My Art’

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Hunter Biden shares that all he has left is his art, according to Fox News.

“Hunter Biden isn’t letting the Department of Justice ruin his life: ‘The one thing I have left is my art.'”

Page Six said, “venture capitalist turned artist.”

Hunter Biden creates, “abstract layers of colors and concentric circles.”

Biden has battled drug addiction and said his art career has helped keep him “sane.”

From Fox News:

The left-leaning outlet has published numerous hit pieces on President Trump’s children, including a piece this week headlined, “Ivanka Trump Faces Off With Father to See How Many People They Can Kill With COVID-19.”

Taking exception to her criticism of small business lockdowns, Bess Levin wrote, “that’s noted epidemiologist Ivanka Trump decrying lockdowns as the country hurtles toward an estimated 450,000 deaths by February 1, a figure that can largely be blamed on her idiot husband and father.”

Republican lawmakers have called for a special counsel to probe Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings and tax affairs, but evening newscasts on NBC, CBS and ABC hardly felt it was worth mentioning earlier this week. NBC offered a brief mention in Wednesday night’s newscast, while CBS’ and ABC’s nightly coverage ignored it entirely.