Three Restaurants Are Facing Big Issues After Being Caught Violating Coronavirus Guidelines — The Punishment Could Kill Business

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Three Minnesota restaurants are facing a 60-day suspension of their liquor licenses due to violation of restrictions regarding indoor dining, according to Fox News.

The Department of Public Safety’s alcohol and gambling enforcement division notified the restaurant owners that they will get a hearing before a judge. Their licenses may be reinstated.

The Cornerstone Café, The Interchange, and The Pour House were seen serving customers indoors, directly violating Governor Walz’s executive orders.

“COVID-19 protocols are designed to slow the spread of this virus and reduce the impacts of this pandemic,” said Dan Huff.

“Our preference is always to work with business to bring them into compliance, and we consider regulatory actions as a last resort.”

“The vast majority of businesses are doing their best to help slow down the spread of COVID-19, and we owe it to them to have a consistent and fair enforcement approach.”

The health department issued cease-and-desist orders to The Pizza Depot in Becker and Hooligans Lakeside in Lake Park.

Four other establishments have faced similar suspensions.

“We’re asking the small percentage of bars and restaurants that have opened for inside dining and drinking to stop and comply with the executive order,” Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington said.

“Thousands of our neighbors have died from COVID-19 in Minnesota.”

“That should be enough of a reminder that the health of our communities has to come first.”

“Bars and restaurants that don’t abide by the law will face the consequences of their actions.”

From Fox News:

Walz’s order banning on-premises indoor dining was extended through Jan. 10 on Friday, KSTP reported. As of Saturday, restaurants can seat customers outdoors at half capacity with a maximum of 100 people and no more than four people at a table.