‘Hunger Games’ Star Elizabeth Banks Makes Ridiculous Accusation — Claims The ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law Is ‘BS,’ ‘Permission To Kill People’

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Hunger Games star Elizabeth Banks took a stand against “stand your ground” laws claiming they endanger neighbors, according to Fox News.

Banks recalled a memory, an incident from her childhood when hiding behind a neighbors tree while playing hide and sell with other neighbors.

“Apparently he mistook us hiding behind trees in his unfenced yard at 9pm for… burglars? Predators?”

“All of a sudden, an arrow was shot into the tree behind which we hid.”

“From a professional bow and arrow. This guy didn’t yell out “who’s there” or “get off my property or I’m calling the cops” or any other question or warning.”

“He just shot at children.”

“He hit the tree so it was seemingly a warning shot. Message received, WE yelled out that we were just playing and could he let us please run away without shooting. Then we ran.”

Ohio’s Republican-led Senate passed a “Stand Your Ground” bill that removes the requirement to attempt to retreat before shooting in self-defense.

Banks said, “Stand Your Ground” is nothing but “permission to kill people.”

“If I’d been shot and killed playing hide and seek, would that new neighbor have been able to just shrug his shoulders while living across the street from my grieving parents? With laws like this, probably yes.”