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Jill Biden: I’m ‘Trying to Be Out There’ to Prove What Joe Has Accomplished

via Forbes

First Lady Jill Biden is aiming to communicate her husband’s accomplishments to the American people, emphasizing the importance of unity and moving beyond divisiveness.

In a Vogue interview, she highlighted President Joe Biden’s achievements like the recovery act, infrastructure investments, and semiconductor legislation, expressing frustration that many are unaware of these initiatives.

“Each campaign is unique. But this one, the urgency is different. We know what’s at stake. Joe is asking the American people to come together to draw a line in the sand against all this vitriol,” Jill Biden said.

“What do you say, I ask the first lady, to people who respond to a ‘we’ve got to protect democracy’ pitch by asking, ‘Well, what’s democracy done for me lately?’” author Maya Singer asked.

“It’s the first and only time I see her temper spark,” Singer wrote of Jill.

Despite criticism and concerns within the Democratic Party, Jill has remained focused on showcasing the positive impact of her husband’s policies and leadership, advocating for unity and progress in the face of challenges.

“If people knew what Joe’s done — with the recovery act, and infrastructure, and CHIPS,” Jill said.

“If they knew all of that — I mean, the bridge is being built in their city and they don’t know who did it. They don’t know who’s getting the lead out of their water. They don’t know who’s stopping the pipeline going through the parklands. They don’t know.”

“That’s why I’m trying to be out there,” Jill added. “Why we’re all trying. To say, ‘This is what we’ve achieved, and this is how it affects your life.’”

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