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“The Newsroom” (Newspageindex.com) publishes reports overseen by David Rufful, who serves as Editor-in-Chief. Other writers have included Natalia Kay and Carver Malone. For the past 10 years, David has been heavily involved in journalism and his articles have been published or sourced by other major news outlets. David received his Bachelor of Arts from Dartmouth College in 2012 with a concentration in Government and Arabic. At Dartmouth, David served as captain of the men’s varsity basketball team as well as editor of the college newspaper The Dartmouth Review.

In addition to Newspageindex.com, David has written for a number of other websites throughout the years, including AnalyzingAmerica.org, SavageTakes.com, and SarahPalin.com. David Rufful is a part-owner of VIP Ad Solutions LLC as well as Young Conservatives LLC. VIP Ad Solutions LLC provides advertising services to numerous high-profile brands and clients, such as former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, through its website VIPAdSolutions.com. VIP Ad Solutions predominantly focuses on targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook for brands and public figures. Facebook provides detailed advertising transparency, including the exact dollar amount spent by brands, through their publicly available Ad Library.

Readers are welcome to send payment to authors via tips at their sole discretion. Tips are collected through a PayPal portal to Young Conservatives LLC, which is a 3rd party company co-founded by NewsPageIndex’s editor-in-chief David Rufful. Tips are forwarded from Young Conservatives LLC to the individual author. This is the extent of the relationship between McClung Consulting LLC and Young Conservatives LLC, which is publicly disclosed to the readers. In addition to assisting NewsPageIndex.com, Young Conservatives LLC has provided website and social media assistance to a number of other brands and public figures, such as Allen West, Stacey Dash, Diamond and Silk, Chicks on the Right, Sarah Palin, and others.

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